The brand label (as above) is registered by our company "JENG FENG CUTTER MANUFACTURE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.". Excepting "SOOCHOW LONGFENG TRADE CO., LTD.", we do not have any overseas branch. And all kinds of our products are produced in Taiwan. The brand labels that are burned on our products represent our promise of the quality and service.

Another brand label (as above) is antiquated; due to other company to imitate it. And that situation has brought damage to our company. Thus, this brand label has been out of use from A.D. 2003. But the ownership of this brand label still belongs to our company.

After judicial process, this tort case has been gone to end. The accused companies have published apologized advertisement on front page of "Economic Daily News" in Taiwan and pay compensation for our goodwill. We austerely reaffirmed our company do not have any business relationship with "WAI FENG CUTTER CO., LTD." or "JEE FENG CUTTER CO., LTD." and we do not set up any plant overseas or in China. For making sure of best quality, please identifying the correct brain label and keeping purchasing our products, which are produced in Taiwan.

If having any question, please do not hesitate to contact with our company. Contact information is as following:
President: 林永章 (Lin Yung Chang)
Tel.: (886)-4-2620-1966
Fax: (886)-4-2620-1956
Sales representative: 蔡士豪 (Tsai Shih-Hao) cell phone: 0933-557-680

General agent in China
Tel.: (86)-512-684-17650
Fax: (86)-512-684-17653

Sales representative 朱婕婭 (Zhu Jie Ya)